Your acoustic doorsets are said to have an Rw rating, but what is an Rw rating?
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You provide acoustic doorsets and acoustic panels, but they appear to have different measurements and classifications for acoustic properties. Why is this?
Doorsets are measured for their sound reducing properties. Panelling is measured for it’s sound attenuation. Basically, the noise the other side of a door should be xdB less than the noise emitted on the other side. Acoustic panelling however, is usually against a wall or ceiling and these measurements are to see how much sound it dissipates – or doesn’t bounce back into the room, creating echoes or amplification of noise. 
What’s the difference between Class 1 & Class 0 fire ratings?
They are two separate measurements. One is a surface spread of flame, the other a fire propagation test upon the composite panel. 
Will class 0 achieve a one hour fire rating?
No. A one hour rating, similar to sound reduction, is the time it takes for a door to burn through. Class 0 fire propagation gives limits on materials regarding the time it actually takes the particular panel to give off smoke & eventually start to burn 
Should fire rated door face materials be class 1 or class 0?
Most door facing material should not actually be fire resistant. Resistance to burning could actually be detrimental to the overall performance of the door. If a facing material takes a long time to burn away, it may start to shrink under heat and cause the core of the door to warp, thereby increasing the chances of it pulling away from the hinges and out of the opening. It is better if the door facing material actually simply burns away or the adhesive fails, thus actually increasing the stability of the fire door core. It is for this reason that we do not recommend fully covering doors with metal plate. 
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