Door Types & Finishes


Our veneered doors are available in a large variety of FSC certified veneers. From traditional crown cut, to more distinctive cuts of veneer or a combination of inlays we can provide you with uniquely styled doors for your project.

For more information on specialist veneering, please see the relevant page on this site and the FAQ.


A multitude of different laminates are available to provide a durable, easy to clean door finish. We can provide basic coloured laminates, wood finishes, metallic or patterned finishes with integral or standard beaded vision panels.


Acrovyn is a thicker material than laminate and is designed to take more ‘punishment’ than materials on standard doors. It is used for crash guards and can either be fitted as a simple face fixed ‘kick plate’ or we can provide a fully covered door with matching or hidden glazing beads. Acrovyn is available in a range of different colours and smooth or textured finishes. It is now also available in various wood print finishes to provide a highly durable yet decorative doorset.


Many of our clean room and laboratory projects require doors and frames to be fully encapsulated in order to prevent the possibility of spores getting into any timber finishes, where moisture may encourage reproduction. They are also, for obvious reasons required to be easily cleaned. A fully encapsulated door and frame in either a laminate or acrovyn finish provides an ideal solution. Provision of double, flush glazed vision panels eradicates the requirement for glazing beads, but ensures the glazing is easily replaced should it ever be damaged.


Our workshop painting and polishing shop can provide almost any colour you require. Doors can be primed for painting on site, or we can provide pre-finished doorsets in matt, gloss or high gloss finishes for a more contemporary finish.


Our doors can be supplied with metal or aluminium faces for protection and decorative purposes. Metal finishes are available in basic brushed or polished steel, or highly decorative patterned finishes.