Acoustic Doorsets

Doors within residential developments, hotels, schools and hospitals are not only required by law to provide fire resistance but are also required by Building Regulations to provide some sound insulation properties. In addition there is now increasing demand for doorsets to achieve specific acoustic properties in most offices

Using heavy duty door blanks, together with appropriate acoustic or combined acoustic/fire & smoke seals, we can manufacture doorsets that achieve a Rw rating of up to 35dB, including those with vision panels.

These doorsets are still manufactured under the stringent controls required by our Q-Mark certification and are available in a range of options and finishes, so there is no compromise on quality or aesthetics.

Should you have a specialised requirement for increased ratings over 35dB, we have specialist manufacturers from which we source, or will be happy to provide you with details of our recommended suppliers.

Acoustic Performance of Doorsets & the Building Regulations
Document E relates to the acoustic performance of floors, ceilings and walls but also gives specific advice on the requirements for doorsets.

E1 states that ‘Dwelling-houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes, shall be designed and constructed in such a way that they provide reasonable resistance to sound from other parts of the same building and from adjoining buildings.’

The guidance in document E also states: ‘Ensure that any door has good perimeter sealing (including the threshold where practical), and a minimum mass per unit area of 25kg/m2 or a minimum sound reduction index of 29dB Rw.

In schools slightly more stringent acoustic performance is required as set out in E4 & Building Bulletin 93: 30 dB minimum, with 35dB for music rooms.’